New Work in Modernist Studies 2017

We are pleased to publish the programme for the seventh postgraduate conference New Work in Modernist Studies, held this year on Friday 15 December 2017 at the School of English, University of Leeds.


9.30–10 am Registration and Coffee (Foyer and Douglas Jefferson Room)

10–11 am Welcome and BAMS Careers Panel (Alumni Room)

11–12.10 Parallel Panels I

1. Conflicting Times: War, Politics, Resistance

Eoghan Ryan (NUI Galway), ‘Unity through chaos: the integrated modernism of F.R. Higgins’

Joseph Owen (Southampton), ‘The Modernist Oak in Woolf’s Orlando: Carl Schmitt and the Failure of Political Symbol’

Chris Gerrard (Dundee), ‘Is the Image of a Dictator Itself a Dictator?’

Yu Nagashima (KCL), ‘Modernist Voices in Louis MacNeice’s Radio Drama and Features during the Second World War’

2. Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (Chaired by Midlands Modernist Network)

Kim Lockwood (UEA), ‘Modernism’s New Materiality: Lively Matter in Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons

Peter Adkins (Kent), ‘Unclean Beasts: Reading Djuna Barnes in the era of Anthropocene Studies’

Elizabeth O’Connor (Birmingham), ‘Littoral Discourse in the work of H.D.’

Saskia McCracken (Glasgow), ‘The Darwinian Politics of Virginia Woolf’s ‘Worm Winged like an Eagle’’

12.10–1 pm Lunch (Douglas Jefferson Room) and BAMS AGM (Seminar Room 5)

1–2 pm Parallel Panels II

3. Queering the Modern

Séan Richardson (Nottingham Trent), ‘Hermaphrodite Temporality: The Queer Chronology of Katharine Burdekin’s Proud Man

Adrienne Mortimer (Leeds), ‘Everywhere at the wrong time, becoming anonymous: Time, Narrative, and Negation in Djuna Barnes’ Nightwood

Dickon Edwards (Birkbeck), ‘Ronald Firbank and the Legacy of Camp Modernism’

4. Medicine, Science, Technology

Edward Kearns (NUI Galway), ‘Computational analysis of modernist narrative’

Robin Styles (Leicester), ‘Gertrude Stein at Harvard: The Making of an American’

Matilda Blackwell (Birmingham), ‘Closet Spaces: Reading the Bathroom in Early Twentieth-Century Literature’

2–3 pm Parallel Panels III

5. Reading, Performing, and Ageing the New Woman

Jade French (QMUL), ‘Mina Loy’s ‘Facial Destiny’: The Mask of Ageing & Auto-Facial- Construction’

Yas Kabuto (RHUL), ‘Belatedness and Possibilities: Virginia Woolf’s Novels Read in Relation to Post-Darwinian Discoveries and Discourses’

Gaby Fletcher (NUI Galway), ‘Reading ‘Fluffy Ruffles’ in Gertrude Stein and Edith Wharton’

6. Planetary Modernisms

Yaqing Xie (Nottingham), ‘Cultural Transvestism: G. Lowes Dickinson and China’

Wei Zhou (Leeds), ‘Diasporic Homecoming in the Poetry of T.S.Eliot’

Aran Ward Sell (Edinburgh), ‘Half-Formed Modernism: Eimear McBride and the post-crash resurgence of Irish literary modernism’

3–3.30 pm Coffee break (Douglas Jefferson Room)

3.30–4.40 pm Parallel Panels  IV

7. Me, Myself, and Not I : Modernist Subjectivities

Lillian Hingley (Oxford), ‘Work in Progress’, Indeed! : Trying to Understand Joyce’s Influence on Adorno’

Lilly Markaki (RHUL), ‘“A little game between ‘I’ and ‘me’”: Marcel Duchamp, Autonomy and the Self’

Imola Nagy-Seres (Exeter), ‘Elizabeth Bowen and the ethics of ‘sensitive touch’’

Angela Harris (Durham), ‘Virginia Woolf’s Ecstasy and Terror’

8. Modernism Beyond Words

Amjad AlShalan (Salford), ‘Doodles as Readable Texts: The Presence of Astrological Signs in Beckett’s Murphy

Tiana Fischer (NUI Galway), ‘Towards an Alternative Media Theory of Modernism

Jaime Ellen Church (Wolverhampton), ‘Politics of Dance in Zelda Fitzgerald’s Save me the Waltz

Jack Quin (York), ‘Inviting a ‘Marmorean Muse’: W.B. Yeats’s Language of Sculpture’

4.40–5.40 pm Keynote presentation by Dr Hope Wolf, University of Sussex. Chaired by Dr Richard Brown, University of Leeds

5.40–6.30 pm Wine reception (Douglas Jefferson Room)