Please read the following information before completing the questionnaire. The link to the questionnaire can be found at the bottom of the page.

BAMS is committed to supporting our members and to challenging the various forms of discrimination found within academia and within modernist studies. By filling in this form, you will help us to build an accurate picture of the make-up of our membership and of the modernism community more broadly, and to ensure equality and diversity within the association. The questionnaire is open to BAMS members and to anyone with an interest in BAMS, so you are welcome to complete the questionnaire even if you are not currently a member.

The questionnaire will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and your answers will be entirely anonymous.

The first part of the form is an equality and diversity questionnaire designed to help us to assess the make-up of our membership and of the modernism community. All questions are optional.

The second part of the form is a short survey asking for your feedback on equality, diversity and inclusion within BAMS. This is designed to enable us to identify issues and to work towards greater equality and diversity within the organisation. We really welcome any comments and feedback that you may provide in this section, but all questions are optional.

Completing this questionnaire is completely voluntary and you are not under any obligation to consent to complete it. Submitting a completed questionnaire is an indication of your consent to participate in the study. You can withdraw at any time prior to submitting your completed questionnaire. Once you have submitted your questionnaire anonymously, your responses cannot be withdrawn as it will not be possible to identify which questionnaire is yours.

We realise that some of you may enter information about prior negative experiences of discrimination or harassment and that this questionnaire may act as a trigger for anyone with any such prior experiences. We are most grateful for your feedback, but request that you avoid providing information on the questionnaire by which individuals or institutions could be identified. As the questionnaire is anonymous, we will not be able to identify you to take direct action or offer support. If you would like to report any such instances or discuss your experiences within BAMS in confidence, please contact us as set out in the BAMS Code of Conduct policy. If required, we will also provide a forum for further discussion and support in relation to issues raised by the questionnaire.

The data collected from the questionnaire will be kept anonymously. All data will be stored securely and will be deleted after a period of 10 years. If you choose to provide any information by which you, other individuals, or institutions could be identified, that information will not be accessible to anyone outside of the BAMS Executive Committee. We will ensure that any such data will not be included in any publications or communications to members that might arise from the questionnaire.

If you have any questions about the questionnaire or would like to discuss equality, diversity and inclusion issues in relation to BAMS, please contact Juliette Taylor-Batty (j.taylor-batty@leedstrinity.ac.uk).

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