The Modernist Review

The Modernist Review was established in summer 2016 by our postgraduate representatives. Set up and hosted by the British Association for Modernist Studies, The Modernist Review is designed to provide a platform for scholars and others with a keen interest in modernism to share new and emerging work.

With the caveat that no single space can hope to truly represent the range of activity being undertaken in modernist studies today, The Modernist Review nonetheless exists a place where a wide range of ideas can be presented to a wide audience.

We believe that accessible does not necessarily mean less rigorous, and while  The Modernist Review is an interesting read for non-academic audiences, it’s also proved itself to be a good place to share those research off-cuts that don’t really fit anywhere else. So far, we’ve published work on pulp modernism, Flann O’Brien, Walter Benjamin, and plenty more besides.

Our submissions guide is here and we look forward to hearing from PhDs and ECRs especially, as well as anyone with an interest in modernist studies.

Stephanie Boland and Helen Saunders

January 2017