B-Side Modernism Fellowship

Danowski’s synoptic ambition—to collect literally all poetry in English published in the twentieth century, including the independent journals, short-run chapbooks and broadsides that gave Modernism its distinctive energy—has created an opportunity to examine the materials out of which our accounts of the century – both the longstanding ones and the most recent efforts to revise them—have been made, but without the influence of a shaping hand.

The “B-Side Modernism” fellowship takes the shapelessness of “everything,” as defined by the Danowski collection, as a provocation to investigate the divergences between canonical accounts of Modernism in poetry, music, philosophy and art, and to explore the many roads not taken, whether they manifest in the unedited arc of a career, in the one-off achievement, or the unclassified ephemera of a moment. Our solicitation to potential fellows: What else might Modernism have been?

The fellowship provides funding for travel and research in the collection, and offers an opportunity for publication in nonsite.org and for participation in the B-Side conference in Atlanta in January 2014.

Relevant Dates

Dec 20, 2013: Proposal deadline
July 1, 2014: Deadline for fellows to submit their list of archive materials and abstract of proposed work on them
September 1, 2014: Deadline for fellows to submit their papers
January 23-24, 2015: B-side conference in Atlanta, GA


A. Fellows are expected to complete their visit having selected 10-15 texts. Some of these should be appropriate for inclusion in an online “B-Side playlist,” an exhibition consisting of electronic images of texts and excerpts from the fellows’ selections. This “playlist” will be part of a special “B-Side” feature on nonsite.org, slated for late 2014.

B. Fellows are expected to develop a publishable article based on texts they have selected and/or their work with the Danowski Library during the Fellowship visit. Ideally, the article will be included in the late 2014 special feature. Publication is subject to nonsite.org editorial board review and approval.


The full research proposal must include the following:

1) Your name and current contact information (mailing address, telephone number, email address).

2) A concise summary of the proposed research (250 words).

3) A full project statement for the proposed research (1000-1500 words).

We are aware that research plans might change once scholars have access to the collection, so while we need to see a plan at this stage, applicants should be assured that we are also open to discovery. The project statement should:

• define the scope of the research (e.g. time period, author or set of authors, journal run, or a specific set of aesthetic tendencies or commitments) as well as the rationale for this scope.
• situate the research in the context of current work being done on poetry within the framework of modernism.
• explain the role this research will play in helping to create a “B-Side” playlist and generating contribution to a special “Modernism: The B-Side” feature issue.
• explain your qualifications for undertaking this research.

4) A short bibliography of relevant holdings in the Raymond Danowski Poetry Library (no more than 10 items). Explore the catalogued holdings of the Danowski Library at discoverE. Enter “danowski” on the main search page. Click on “Raymond Danowski Poetry Library collection” to get the entry for the collection. Then click on the Author entry, “Raymond Danowski collector” to get a current list of catalogued holdings. Once in the list of holdings, you can further narrow your search by selecting date limitations under “Publication Date” in the menu at the left margin.

5) Proposed dates of visit to the collection. Fellows should plan to visit the collection for 4-5 consecutive days (spending four nights) with a start date between January 15, 2014 and May 15, 2014. As you consider these dates, bear in mind that the research will ideally culminate in an article for a special “B-Side Modernism” feature on nonsite set to launch in November, 2014. Final drafts of articles are due by no later than October 1, 2014; travel to the collection should be planned accordingly.

6) A current curriculum vitae with at least three references.

Please submit proposals as a single PDF file via the nonsite.org submission manager at https://nonsite.submittable.com/submit. Select the category “B-Side/Danowski Fellowship.” Do not submit under “Poetry” or “Articles and Essays.”