CFS: MLA Volume on Teaching Representations of the First World Wa

Call for Proposals for MLA Volume on Teaching Representations of the First World War

Abstracts are invited for an essay focused on the crisis of socialism and the rise of fascism during and after the First World War, to be included in Options for Teaching Representations of the First World War, a volume in the MLA Options for Teaching series to be edited by Debra Rae Cohen and Douglas Higbee.

Timed to coincide with the centenary of the conflict, the volume will serve as a wide-ranging and up-to-date resource for instructors teaching literature and other arts and media associated with the war. The essay should thus have a pedagogical framework and be comparative in focus.

The opening section of the volume will offer four longer essays that explore key critical paradigms associated with the study of the war and its representations, including changing definitions of war, new understandings derived from global historiography, the relation of the war to modernism, and myths of rupture and continuity. The second section will underscore the importance of teaching the war in a global context, offering a wide range of national and transnational perspectives on war representations. The third section will offer contextualizations of war representations across a variety of sub-fields, such as medicine, media, and queer studies, while the fourth will discuss teaching the war via various literary, artistic and popular genres. The fifth section will address the pedagogical challenges of introducing these materials in a variety of courses and institutional contexts, while a final section will discuss various resources—online, archival, and institutional—available for instructors.

If you are interested in contributing an essay on this topic (essays will average about 3,000 words), please send a 1-page abstract and a brief CV to Debra Rae Cohen ( or Douglas Higbee ( by 20 December 2013. The editors encourage preliminary inquiries in advance of the deadline.