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CFP Word into Image Symposium. 10th July 2014: Tactic Gallery, Cork.

Poetry has long constructed itself as an interface between word and image. At the turn of the twentieth century, Mallarmé and Apollinaire’s experiments with visual poetry launched a new investigation into poetry as image, shaping an area of modernist and avant-garde interest that would develop throughout contemporary poetics. Celebrating the interdisciplinary bent of the avant-gardes, this conference will examine the point at which poetry and image meet. Taking in the long twentieth century up to and including current practices, we will invite speakers to interrogate the nature and effect of works that are both word and image.


Areas that papers could explore include:

  • ·       What does it mean to frame poetry as image or image as poetry?
  • ·       The interdisciplinary poet-artist / artist-poet
  • ·       The materiality of language
  • ·       Where the visual meets the digital
  • ·       The artistic and political potentials of visual poetics
  • ·       Illustration
  • ·       Collaborations between visual artists and poets
  • ·       Typographic innovation as visual art practice
  • ·       The printed page as canvas
  • ·       The poetics of the moving image
  • ·       Sound poetry scores

Please send abstracts of 300 words to by Friday 16th May. This symposium will take place in Tactic Gallery, Cork and will accompany the Word into Image exhibition of visual poetry. It will also coincide with the annual SoundEye Poetry Festival which runs from 11-13th July in the Guesthouse, Cork. Word into Image is kindly supported by Tactic Gallery, UCC History of Art Department and UCC Department of French.

UCC Modernisms Research Centre – Dr Kerstin Fest, Dr Sarah Hayden, James Cummins, Rachel Warriner