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May 15 – Modernist Magazines Research Seminar

The next session of the Modernist Magazines Research Seminar will take place on Thursday 15 May from 6pm, in room 234, Senate House, London.

We are very lucky to have Charlie Dawkins speaking on the feminist weekly ‘Time and Tide’. We look forward to welcoming lots of you for wine and lively discussion!


Charlie Dawkins (Oxford), ‘Why Start a Weekly Magazine? Time and Tide and Modernism, 1920.’

Time and Tide, a new political weekly run by a group of newly enfranchised women, was first published in May 1920. Why did these people choose to start a magazine like this at this historical moment, and what might Time and Tide have to say about modernism? This talk will argue that the cultural role played by primarily political magazines of this type has been undervalued. Drawing on Francis Mulhern’s model of ‘metaculture’, I hope to explore how Time and Tide, as a new magazine in a post-war, post-suffrage world, attempted to understand literary culture, and by doing so contributed to the development of modernism as a recognized literary category in interwar Britain.