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CFP: Time and Place in T. S. Eliot and His Contemporaries

International Symposium ‘Time and Place in T. S. Eliot and His Contemporaries’. Promoted by Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, 18-21 January 2015, Florence, Italy

Call for Papers

Time and place have huge symbolic significance in Eliot’s work and that of his contemporaries. Space and time exist as symbolical, religious, philosophical, historical, political and personal ‘nodes’ in Eliot’s writings. This conference wants to explore these ‘nodes’ in greater depth — where they exist, how they interact with other nodes and themes in Eliot’s writing, and how they intersect with the aesthetic and philosophical thinking of Eliot’s contemporaries.

The symposium topic is focused on, but not limited to, T.S. Eliot and Modernism, and may include such topics as:
– Evocations of time and place in Eliot’s writing or that of his contemporaries
– The preoccupation with space, place and (dis)location
– Modernism and the uses of time, ‘time past’, and timelessness
– Eliot, Modernism and history
– Eliot, Modernism and contemporary scientific and philosophical views on space and time
– Eliot’s place in the tradition, the canon, Modernism, and world literature

Papers that explore the connections between England and Florence or England and Italy in the context of Eliot and his contemporaries are also welcome.

Proposals of 100 to 250 words or completed papers may be sent as email attachments to any of the three co-organizers by 1 October 2014:
Prof. Temur Kobakhidze (,
Dr. Wim Van Mierlo (,
Dr. Stefano Maria Casella (

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