Shame and the Act of Writing: A One Day Symposium – Warwick, Friday 19th September

Shame and the Act of Writing: A One Day Symposium
Friday 19th September
Millburn House (A0.26/28), University of Warwick
You are cordially invited to join us for this one day symposium which brings together writers from across the disciplines to reflect on the place of shame in different practices of modern(ist) writing.  Our speakers include:
Geoffrey Gilbert (Paris), author of Before Modernism Was: Modern History and the Constituencies of Writing
John Goodby (Swansea), author of The Poetry of Dylan Thomas: Under the Spelling Wall
Denise Riley (UEA), author of Am I That Name? and Impersonal Passion
And our themes will include:
  • the place of shame in the ‘affective turn’ within the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • the cultural configurations of shame and writing around questions of class, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity
  • the translation of shame across linguistic and cultural borders
  • shame and new media practices, especially the negotiation of the private/public spheres  
  • the shame of reading forbidden texts
  • shame and plagiarism (or the writing of borrowed words)
  • the writer’s shameful practices (e.g. writer’s block; interminable editing and re-drafting; the abandonment or destruction of writing; and the anxieties of ‘confessionalism’ or ‘impostureship’).
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