Open Modernisms Project

Open Modernisms

Recently there have been discussions among Modernist Studies Association members about the lack of an ideal anthology of modernist primary sources for use in the classroom. While many of the texts we frequently teach are now out of copyright and are available online through Project Gutenberg, Google Books, and other digitisation initiatives, there remains no systematic way for lecturers to gather these materials, ensure that they are reliable texts, and distribute them to students. Open Modernisms is a collaborative effort on the part of modernist scholars to make out-of-copyright texts available for teaching. The freely available resource will allow lecturers and students to access and curate a customizable selection of essays and manifestos by modernists about modernism. The resource will focus first on “primary secondary” materials — works like Woolf’s “Modern Fiction,” and Pound’s “A Retrospective.” The editorial board will implement a rigorous process to ensure that readers can access full bibliographic details, and the team will also have checked that the texts are accurate representations of the source editions. The texts will be available to read online and to print for classroom use. We hope to have the resource ready in time for use in teaching courses that begin in Fall 2015.

If you would like further information about the project (including technical specifications) or would like to participate either by undertaking editorial work or by sharing scanned copies of modernist sources with the team, please contact Claire Battershill (

Dr. Claire Battershill

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of English
University of Reading