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CFP: Olive Moore: Modernist Extraordinaire

CFP:  Olive Moore: Modernist Extraordinaire

Deadline for Abstracts: March 1, 2015.

             We invite submissions for a volume of essays on English modernist Olive Moore. Today Moore is scandalously under-read, but between 1929 and 1934 she published three brilliant novels—Celestial Seraglio (1929), Spleen (1930), and Fugue (1932)—as well as a dazzling and caustic collection of aphorisms on modern culture, art, nationality, religion, and sexual difference titled The Apple is Bitten Again (1934). During this period Moore worked as a journalist for London’s Daily Sketch, publishing articles under her real name, Constance Vaughan, on a diverse range of topics such as child rearing, fashion, politics, gossip, interior design, public monuments, and modern art. The editors seek papers on any aspect of Moore’s work, particularly with a view to the following: What is the rationale for recuperating an experimental writer such as Moore now? On what basis can we formulate an approach to her work that is relevant to contemporary concerns within modernist studies? How do we talk about her writing in this transnational, global, and post-identitarian age? How might the following categories help us to situate Moore’s writing: disability studies, queer theory, new materialisms, feminist aesthetics, periodical studies, animal studies and/or the politics of affect? This volume will be the first published collection on Olive Moore’s work. Ashgate Publishing has expressed preliminary interest.

Please submit 500-word abstracts and short CVs to and Renee by March 1, 2015.

For preliminary e-mail inquiries, please include “Olive Moore” in the subject line.

Completed essays (7,000 words) will be due March 1, 2016.