The Battersea Review No. 4, Winter 2015

The Battersea Review No. 4, Winter 2015, is now published and live.

PROSE: Robert Archambeau reviews T.S. Eliot’s Letters Vol. I; Saskia Hamilton reviews T.S. Eliot’s Letters Vol. II; Marjorie Perloff reviews T.S. Eliot’s Letters Vols. III & IV; R.P. Blackmur: 1954 Report to the Rockefeller Foundation, Edited by Allison Vanouse; John Wieners: Letters (with Poems) to Michael Rumaker, Edited by Michael Seth Stewart; Robert Archambeau on W.H. Auden’s The Orators; Marjorie Perloff on Ian Hamilton Finlay; Bill Berkson on Gertrude Stein; Richard Tillinghast on Edward Thomas; Flaminia Ocampo on Waldo Frank; James Dempsey on Scofield Thayer, Elaine Orr, and E.E. Cummings; Fiction by Leslie Hodgkins; Cassandra Nelson on Education; Daniel Sofaer on Henry Reed; Larissa Shmailo on Philip Nikolayev; Poetry: What’s Next: Robert Archambeau, Stephen Burt, Ben Mazer

POETRY: Anne Atik, Apollinaire Tr. by Allison Vanouse, Dennis Novikov Tr. by Philip Nikolayev, Pam Brown, Joshua Mehigan, Jeet Thayil, Henry Gould, Mario Murgia, Harry Man, Joseph Lease, Federico Garcia Lorca Tr. by Jorge Rodriguez-Miralles, A.J. Odasso, Ernest Hilbert, Liza Katz, Sean Campbell, Patrick Doud, James Dunn, John Mulrooney, Ruth Lepson, Rob Chalfen, Peter Behrman de Sinéty, John Ebersole, Annie Freud, Marc Vincenz, Anthony Cuellar, Anne Fitzgerald, Avinab Datta, David Blair, Allison Vanouse, Kit Schluter, Kevin Gallagher, U.S. Dhuga, Ben Mazer

Publisher and Managing Editor: U.S. Dhuga
Editor: Ben Mazer
Contributing Editors: Philip Nikolayev, Robert Archambeau (Chicago), Todd Swift (U.K.), Jeet Thayil (India), Peter Behrman-de Sinéty (France), Mario Murgia (Mexico), Flaminia Ocampo (Argentina)
Associate Editor and Foreign Correspondent: Allison Vanouse
Production Manager: Zachary Bos