CFP: Finite, Singular, Exposed: New Perspectives on the Modernist Subject

The editors of the volume Finite, Singular, Exposed: New Perspectives on the Modernist Subject are seeking for contributions to complete this ongoing book project. The editors are part of a research team currently involved in a project entitled “Individual and Community in Modernist Fiction in English”. Our most recent publication as a team has been the volume Community in Twentieth-Century Fiction (Palgrave, 2013).

We are looking for papers offering new insights on the modernist subject. We welcome proposals for 6000 word essays in English on canonical modernist authors (Conrad, James, Joyce, Woolf, Ford, Lawrence, Mansfield, Stein…) as well as on non-canonical and late modernists. While we don’t expect participants to adopt our own theoretical framework (Nancy, Blanchot, Agamben on individual and community), we are specially interested in theoretically informed approaches that offer innovative takes on the representation of the subject in modernist fiction. In the context of the recent wave of dialectico-metaphysical approaches to subjectivity and individuality encouraged by thinkers like Fredric Jameson, Slavoj Zizek, Jean-Luc Nancy and Alain Badiou, a fresh re-definition of the modernist individual is manifestly in order, a re-definition that is likely to enrich the field of “new Modernist studies”. We thus propose a tentative return to the theoretical articulation of Modernist individuality. This return is not to be conceived as an antagonistic response to community-oriented approaches to modernist fiction, but rather as an attempt to complement it through a dialectical counterweight.

If you are interested in this project, please submit proposals of no more than 800 words and a short bio-bibliography to the editors:, Deadline for submissions: March 2nd 2015. Notification of acceptance: March 20th. The authors selected will be asked to submit their complete 6,000 word-long essays by August 1st 2015.