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BAMS Essay Prize 2014

The winner of the BAMS Essay Prize 2014 is Jamie Wood, for his essay ‘“On or about December 1910”: F.T. Marinetti’s Onslaught on London and Recursive Structures in Modernist Studies’. The essay will be published in Modernist Cultures, and Dr Wood will also receive £250 of books.

Runner up: Katherine Perko (Stony Brook University), ‘Gossip at Work: Professionalism, Oral Communities, and Narratives of Scandal in Lord Jim’.


Beth Blum (University of Pennsylvania), ‘Bouvard and Pécuchet: Flaubert’s D.I.Y. Dystopia’

Jamie Callison (University of Northampton/ University of Bergen, ‘Jesuits and Modernism? Versions of Late Modernism’

Ned Hercock (University of Sussex), ‘Like a Tongue to a Loosening Tooth: Modernism and Lyric’

Helen Tyson (Queen Mary, University of London), ‘Reading Childishly? Learning to Read Modernism: Reading the Child Reader in Modernism and Psychoanalysis’

The entries were of an extremely high calibre, and the judges congratulate Dr Wood, and thank all the entrants for their submissions.