Postgraduate Registration open

Registration now open for ‘Modernist Musics and Political Aesthetics’ conference

8th-10th April 2015, University of Nottingham, UK
Modernist Musics and Political Aesthetics is a three-day conference aiming to explore interfaces between:

  •     cultural modernism (literary and visual, architectural, musical, and/or philosophical)
  •     music, musicality, and musicology in relation to modernism and literature
  •     and the political implications of art and theories of the aesthetic in the twentieth century

The conference remit is intentionally capacious. ‘Modernism’ is open for all speakers and attendees to interpret as any instance of the experimental strategies that emerged throughout cultural life at the turn of the twentieth century, though papers focusing on new interdisciplinary contexts for literary questions are sought in the first instance.

Likewise, the plural use of ‘musics’ is meant to reflect a variety of musical modernisms, but also the fact that ‘music’ as an idea meant many things to different modernist artists and critics.

Above all, the conference organizers seek interdisciplinary papers that will develop scholarly understandings of the convergences between modernism, music, and politics.

Modernist Music and Political Aesthetics is kindly sponsored by the School of English and the Faculty of Arts at the University of Nottingham, and by the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Manchester.