CFP: Modernism and Medicine

Despite modernity’s rapid medicalization of life, medicine plays a
surprisingly minor role in most histories of modern art. But attention
to modernism’s embodied forms raises intriguing questions about modern
art’s medicalized creators, patrons, and viewers. This session invites
papers that interrogate the creative connections between modernism and
medicine in order to contest, expand, and transform our understandings
of the nexus between art and medicine in the modern period. In
particular, we welcome papers that consider artists’ new representations
of the body and bodily functions in terms of medicine’s new
epistemological models, therapeutic regimes, and techniques for
producing and disseminating knowledge. Topics might include artists’
depictions of medical subjects and experiences of illness and disease;
relationships between artists and doctors; medical patronage; public art
and medical institutions; the use of medical discourse in art criticism;
the architecture and design of private clinics and public hospitals.

Please send an abstract (1-2 pages, double spaced), a Letter of
Interest, a Submission Form and current CV by May 8 to: Gemma Blackshaw,, and Allison Morehead, For more information, please see: