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17 August 2015

Birley Room, Hatfield College, Durham University

The established Church’s involvement in politics has become an issue of increasing contemporary interest. The rhetoric and realities of economic austerity have inspired sustained and collective criticism from senior Anglican clergy of government policy of a kind unseen since the 1980s. Simultaneously, developments in ordination and in secular marriage legislation have revived anxieties around the relative balance of compromises and privileges in the Church’s establishment. The question of the Church’s place in British politics has rarely in recent times commanded such popular attention, whether it be critical or complimentary.

This one day conference will contextualise the contemporary debate by considering the developing facets of the Church’s relationship with British politics over the course of the twentieth century. Papers will reflect on the junctures of this relationship and that forces which shaped their profile. Please find attached a copy of the day’s programme.

Attendance at this one day conference will be free and lunch will be provided. If you would like to attend, please email Thomas Rodger at the below address. Early expressions of interest would be appreciated as the number of delegate we can accept will be limited.

Church and British politics since 1900 – programme