Call for submissions

“Studies in Critical Poetics” – call for manuscripts and proposals

We’re actively seeking manuscripts and proposals for a prospective new series with Bloomsbury Press, “Bloomsbury Studies in Critical Poetics.”  Please find the series rationale below, and send all queries to

This series will publish books on modern and contemporary poetry and poetics, with a primary focus on texts written in English, while remaining open to work from other languages along with questions of translation, correspondence, and exchange.  If the main period under consideration will be 1945 to the present, we recognise the inherent untimeliness of poetic discourse, and are also interested in studies that move beyond this time frame in order to locate recent and contemporary situations.  Of special interest to us is how poetry and poetics have moved themselves to the forefront of many of the most fraught and complex theoretical discussions of the post-war era.  Here, the intersection of poetry with philosophy, linguistics, psychoanalysis, political and economic theory, various protest or liberation movements, as well as other art forms, including prose, are of particular concern.  Despite or by virtue of its largely marginalised position, post-war poetry has been a focal point of dissidence, resistance, and challenge to many  of the dominant discourses—political, social, erotic, and aesthetic—of the age.  We are particularly keen to publish work that examines the paradoxical force of poetry and poetics in these respects, while engaging productively with the specifities of the medium and its diverse histories.  We are also eager to publish work by specialists in other areas of inquiry (philosophy, psychoanalysis) for whom poetry has become a vital element in their thinking.

Daniel Katz, Series Editor

Co-Director, Centre for Research in Philosophy, Literature, and the Arts

Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies

University of Warwick

Coventry CV4 7AL