Dire la poésie

A collection on poetry, poetry readings, and the status of the voice in
poetry has just been published under the direction of Jean-François Puff
entitled _Dire la poésie_.  The collection gathers French and American
scholars and contains essays on Stein, Jackson Mac Low, Cage, Jacques
Roubaud, and many others.  For American scholars interested in how
American poetry is being discussed in France, this will be illuminating.
Authors included: Arnaud Bernadet, Elisa Bricco, Vincent Broqua,
Olivier Gallet, Jean-Marie Gleize, Maud Gouttefangeas, Abigail Lang,
Michel Murat, Carrie Noland, Céline Pardo, Jean-François Puff, Thierry
Roger, Jacques Roubaud, Anne-Christine Royère, Éric Suchère.