Call for submissions

Cultures de la Communication/Cultures of Communication

The Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest, publishes a journal of communication (in French and English): Cultures de la Communication/Cultures of Communication.
The editorial team invites you to join them. Please send your intent to join the editorial team at:
Please send your papers to Constantin Popescu, associate professor, PhD at:

Cultures de la Communication/ Cultures of communication is therefore interested in publishing studies, chapters from doctoral theses, reviews, etc. coming from different cultures of the world having elaborated different cultures of communication; according to the journal, teaching is continually mutual.

Manuscripts will have 10 to 15 pages (no pagenumbers), in TNR 12, 0 pt spacing, single line
Left aligned, title (lower case, TNR 16, bold) will not exceed two lines. Paper size: 11.69″ x 8.27″ (29,7 cm x 21 cm) (A4). Margins have 0.79″ (2 cm). Author’s first name will be in lowercase, his / her last name – in uppercase. His / her full name (TNR 12) will be right aligned. Under author’s name: institutional affiliation and e-mail (TNR 12). Author’s name is separated from title by two blank lines (TNR 12).
Articles can have three authors, their names written one under another. Term Abstract is TNR 12, lowercase, bold; text of abstract (in English): about 200 words, TNR 11, lowercase, italics, 0 pt spacing, single line spacing. Between text of abstract and term Keywords, a blank line (TNR 12). Term Keywords is TNR 12, lowercase, bold; the words, in English (4-6) – TNR 11, lowercase, italics, separated by commas. Between keywords and first line of text, two blank lines (TNR 12)
Examples of references:
BRUNE, François, 1981, Le bonheur conforme, Paris, Gallimard
BARTHES, Roland, 1964, “Rhétorique de l’image”, Communications, 4, p.40-51
-chapters in books, papers in anthologies, articles in edited volumes…
GREIMAS, A.J., 1973, “Les actants, les acteurs et les figures”, in CHABROL, Claude (ed.), Sémiotique narrative et textuelle, Paris, Larousse, p.161-176
Please send your papers to Constantin Popescu, associate professor, PhD at:
The deadline is December, 1, 2015.