Eudora Welty and Modernism (ALA 2016, San Francisco)

Call for Papers:  Eudora Welty and Modernism (American Literature Association, San Francisco, May 26-29, 2016)

This panel will investigate Eudora Welty’s relationship with modernisms–regional, national, transnational, or global. Papers welcome on any aspect of the subject: the extent to which her work (fiction, nonfiction, photography) is shaped by a modernist aesthetic, modern or modernist temporalities and spatialities in Welty’s work, fragmentation and discordance in the work or the career, shifts in voice and perspective within specific texts or across her career in response to modernity or modernism, ruins as modernist trope in her writing and/or photography, modernity and loss, urbanization and/or urbanity, the trace of Europe or European modernism in her work.

Please send proposals of 300-500 words to Professor Julia Eichelberger at by January 10, 2016.