Reading group

London Cantos Reading Group

The London Cantos Reading Group will meet on the below dates at the University of London’s Senate House to discuss individual sections of The Cantos of Ezra Pound. Attendance is free, everyone is welcome and wine and poetry will be provided. We meet at 18.00 on Friday evenings, room details will be available in reception.

Oct 9, Harry Gilonis, Independent Scholar, Canto 36

Nov 13, Michael Coyle, Colgate University ,Canto 88

Dec 11, Mary Ellis Gibson, University of Glasgow, Pound and India

Jan 22, Galateia Demetriou, University of Birmingham, Canto 30

Feb 12, Annabel Haynes, Durham University, Canto 20

March 11, Kent Su, University College London, University of London, Canto 49

May 13, Peter Howarth, Queen Mary University of London, Canto 101