CFP: Peer English

Peer English (ISSN 1746-5621) is a refereed, open-access online journal produced by the Department of English at the University of Leicester and the English Association. Since 2006, its remit has been to provide a forum for exciting, high-quality work and new critical thinking by early career researchers (graduate study, post-doctoral research) through to those already established within the community. This approach also includes the notion of ‘work in progress’ and we welcome contributions of high academic standards from those currently involved in active research, be they doctoral candidates or Heads of Departments.
Peer English embraces not only the full range of subject coverage within the field of English Studies, but also the increasingly wide range of approaches and perspectives that can be brought to bear upon the discipline. We welcome, therefore, both traditional and modern approaches to the field, from close critical readings of literary texts, to interdisciplinary approaches or cross-subject analysis.
We invite academic papers (2000-5000 words), short articles on research-related issues (funding, careers, the ‘publish-or-perish’ culture), and reviews and review-essays of recent publications. Work needs to be submitted by email to the address below, double-spaced, MLA referenced, and attached as a Word document.
The deadline for submissions for our next issue is 15th March 2016. A style sheet for the journal is available by request.
Contributions and queries should be sent to:
Twitter: @peerenglish