NEW! Research Grant

The MSA Board is extremely happy to announce a new source of research funding for MSA Members. Please find the link for the below announcement at

Happy researching!

MSA Research Grant


The MSA Research Grant aims to help scholars of modernism conduct their research through visits to archives, collections, and other pertinent sites. Applications will be selected on the basis of the merit of the proposed research and demonstration of need. As this grant is supplementary to other sources of support, applicants must also apply for any available support from their home institutions and the target site.


Purpose: The funding is designed to supplement other existing sources of support, enabling scholars to travel to archives or other pertinent sites to conduct original research.


Eligibility: All scholars are eligible, regardless of stage of career, employment status, or institutional affiliation (or lack thereof). Applicants must be members of the MSA. MSA Board members are not eligible for the Grant. Applicants may apply more than once, but preference will be given to those who have not held the grant previously. Preference will also be given to those who have sought other sources of support for the proposed research.


How to Apply:

  • submit a 500-word statement

◦       outlining the research to be conducted

◦       indicating whether the materials can be accessed in any other way (e.g., they are digitized and available online), and/or that such forms of access are inappropriate for the proposed research

◦       outlining support options provided by the target archive or facility and indicating why MSA support is needed in addition to them (proof of having applied for these other sources of funding is required)

◦       outlining support options provided by their home institutions (if they have them) and indicating why MSA support is needed in spite of them (proof of having applied for these other sources of funding is required)

◦       including a budget showing

◦       anticipated travel costs (eligible costs include economy travel, accommodations, and meals)

◦       how much institutional support the applicant has sought and/or received

◦       how much support is being sought and/or has been received from other sources

◦       how much is being sought from the MSA (up to a max. of $5,000USD)

  • submit your application by email to the Vice President (Jessica Berman,
  • deadline for submission of applications is 1 February.
  • successful applicants will be required to provide a minimum 500-word research report on the activities supported by the grant, for publication on the MSA website, within one month of completing the research trip.


Decisions: Applications will be adjudicated by three members of the Board. All applicants will be notified of the decision.