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Call for papers: Special issue of Urban Island Studies on Peripheral Discourses of Modernity


New deadline for articles submission: 29 February 2016

Deadline for articles submission: 31 January 2016


Guest Editors:

– Duarte Santo (CIERL-UMa);

– Ana Salgueiro (CIERL-UMa, CECC-UCP).



Islands are paradoxical. Although perceived as peripheral relative to mainlands and continents, islands are also centres of affective, cultural, and identity reference for those who were born and/or live on them. As spaces of transit and encounters, insular peripheries are moreover sociocultural and political realities marked by transgression, innovation, and (re)creativity.


It is important to give scholarly attention to the interrelated peripheralities and centralities of island spaces, cultural phenomena, and subjects. By expanding our focus beyond Western metropolitan centres, we can contribute to a new cartography of modernity that (re)views the cultural, epistemological, and (re)creative density of insular peripheries, shedding light on the modernities and modernisms to which they gave rise. High European modernism is often regarded as having been enacted by emigration from the provinces to the great European capitals (Eagleton, 1970; Silvestre, 2008), but what has occurred in reverse, with migration from centres to peripheries? How have modernisms been experienced in geopolitical and cultural spaces regarded as peripheral? How have (European and colonial) insular societies and subjects responded to such incoming modernisms? What role have peripheral geocultural spaces been assigned in constructing the narratives of diverse modernisms and modernities?


CIERL – Research Centre for Regional & Local Studies, University of Madeira, and Island Dynamics are pleased to propose a special issue of Urban Island Studies on the theme of ‘Peripheral Discourses of Modernity’.


Urban Island Studies is a peer-reviewed open access journal situated at the intersection of island studies and urban studies. The journal develops knowledge across disciplines, offering an urban perspective within island research and an island perspective within urban research.


This is an open call for papers, but submissions are particularly welcome from presenters at the first Insula International Colloquim. Papers are invited to consider the relationships between peripherality and centrality, the rural and the urban, isolation and exchange in island communities, as well as between islands and mainlands, worldwide.


Papers must be submitted by 31 January 2016 29 February 2016 at the latest to guest editors Duarte Santo and Ana Salgueiro (

To learn more about Urban Island Studies, contact the journal’s Lead Editor, Adam Grydehøj ( Manuscripts should be between 4000 and 8000 words in length and must follow the author guidelines for Urban Island Studies. All papers must be in English and are subject to peer review.



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Duarte Santo

Ana Salgueiro

Adam Grydehøj

June 2015