New Modernisms Series Announcement

Gayle Rogers and I are pleased to announce the launch of a new series published by Bloomsbury Academic titled New Modernisms.  We’ve co-written the first book, Modernism: Evolution of an Idea and it is now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other booksellers.   This book concisely traces the development of the term “modernism” from its origin in the early twentieth century through its consolidation in anthologies and classrooms to its radical expansion in recent decades.  We hope it can be that book that you hand to students when they ask, “what exactly is modernism?”


Our book will be followed in February by Peter Kalliney’s Modernism in a Global Context and then by several others, including:

  • Faye Hammill and Mark Hussey, Modernism’s Print Cultures
  • Mark Morrisson, Modernism, Science and Technology
  • Marina MacKay, Modernism, War, and Violence
  • Robert Spoo, Modernism and the Law

Other books forthcoming in the series will focus on topics like gender, race, environments, and media.  When complete, this this collection will offer useful guides to the complex array of work that has helped define and re-define modernist studies.  All the books include critical bibliographies and a new website will soon feature sample syllabi, expanded bibliographies, and a glossary of key terms.  For more information, visit the series website.  You can download the first chapter for free if you’d like to get a sense of the book and the series.


Best wishes for this new year,

Sean Latham

Walter Endowed Chair of English

Editor, James Joyce Quarterly

Director, Oklahoma Center for the Humanities