CFP: Virginia Woolf Scholars Come to Their Senses

Call for Papers: IVWS Panel, MLA 2017

Title: Virginia Woolf Scholars Come to Their Senses

I offer two possible approaches for the International Virginia Woolf Society’s 2017 MLA panel: (1) papers addressing sense modalities in Woolf’s writing.  How and to what end does Woolf evoke sensory experiences of smell, touch and taste in her writing?  Or, (2) papers offering or debating “corrective” readings of Woolf that suggest some kind of “progress” in Woolf criticism. Have earlier readings, such as poststructuralist or lesbian, been supplanted by contemporary approaches, or do we need a model other than “progression” to address Woolf’s critical heritage? Abstracts (250-500 words) by March 21st to Pamela Caughie at (please note the “e” is dropped in Caughie).  Participants must be MLA members by April 7, 2016.