Virginia Woolf & Music

Please find below a quick update about the concert series ‘Virginia Woolf & Music’ which begins on March 4th in St Andrews.

The website for the concert series is now live and can be found at:

Additionally, Special Collections staff are going to present highlights from the Kirkpatrick Archive, recently acquired by St Andrews University Library, at the Symposium ‘Woolf and music’ on the afternoon of March 3rd. This will be the first chance to see some of the collection of about 70 Bloomsbury letters plus two previously unknown photographs of Woolf. The Symposium is free but registration is required: please contact for details.

Other events include a pre-performance talk and a small exhibition, ‘Virginia Woolf & St Andrews’. These promise to be really enjoyable so we do hope to see some of you in St Andrews.

With good wishes, Emma Sutton

School of English, University of St Andrews