CFP: 2017 MLA Panel:  “The Historical Novel as a Generic Hybrid” (3/15/2016; 1/5-8/2017)

The Historical Novel as a Generic Hybrid
MLA Special Session

This panel welcomes reassessment of the historical novel from literary scholars working in a wide range of historical periods and geographic regions.  While the classic historical novel is often thought of as a literary genre in its own right, many historical narratives are actually generic hybrids comprised of other genres.  What is the significance of these generic elements?  Does the historical novel contain certain essential features or is the term merely a placeholder for fictions about the past?  How has its definition changed over time, and how might we wish to alter it today?

Please submit a proposal of approximately 300 words and one-page CV to Benjamin D. O’Dell  The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, March 15th, 2016.