Registration open

Announcement 2nd Conference of the Samuel Beckett Society (Beckett and Modernism) at the University of Antwerp (27-30 April 2016)

The Samuel Beckett Society is pleased to announce that registration is open for their second international conference entitled ‘Beckett and Modernism’. The event will take place at the University of Antwep from 27-30 April 2016. Papers will explore such diverse topics as language, humour, the novel form, performativity and space, dance, music, art, politics, technology, the literary market, the mind, the body, philosophy, ethics, the literary tradition, affect, psychology and pedagogy. In addition to fifty speakers, arranged in plenary and parallel sessions, there will be keynotes by James Knowlson (University of Reading), John Pilling (University of Reading) and Jean-Michel Rabaté (University of Pennsylvania), as well as a screening of Beckett’s ‘Film’ and Ross Lipman’s documentary ‘Notfilm’, the launch of Samuel Beckett’s library in the Beckett Digital Manuscript Project (, and the presentation of the Journal of Beckett Studies special issue on ‘Beckett and the Middle Ages’ marking the 40th anniversary of the journal. For the full programme and further news please refer to the conference website: