Colloquium: ‘Mapping the Olfactory: Modernist Representation of Body and the Sensory Aesthetics’ (10 March, 14.30-17.30; Institute of English Studies)


Mapping the Olfactory: Modernist Representation of Body and the Sensory Aesthetics

10 March 2016, 14:30~17:30 Room 243, Senate House, University of London

“Where two or three thousand words are insufficient for what we see . . . there are no more than two words and one-half for what we smell.” Virginia Woolf, Flush
Words have such disadvantage in the representation of smell. However, scents, which are ephemeral and always slip away from the present time, are the loci of modernist imagination. What is the significance of smell in the modernist aesthetics? How does smell contribute to modernist representation of body? The latest issues in the argument of modernist sensory aesthetics will be explored by the following speakers:

Fay (Fae) Brauer

Professor of Art and Visual Culture,
University of East London Centre for Cultural Studies Research;
Honorary Professor of Art History and Cultural Theory,
The University of New South Wales National Institute of Experimental Arts.

“Unleashing Hypersensory Subjectivity: Modernists, Mesmerists and Hypnotic Bodies”

Crispian Neill

PhD Candidate, University of Leeds.

“The smell of modernism: malodour, olfactory activism and futurity”

Yuko Ito

Visiting Research Fellow,
Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London, Associate Professor, Chubu University, Japan.

“Virginia Woolf and the Olfactory: Body, Scent and the Representation of Space”

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