November 7-11: News and Views

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Helen & Stephanie

A sexy new edition

Benjamin A Kahan from Louisiana State University has published a new edition of Heinrich Kaan’s Psychopathia Sexualis. Originally published in 1884, Kahan calls is “the first sexological text”, noting that Foucault claimed it as marking “the birth date . . . of sexuality and sexual aberrations”.

You can check out the edition on the Cornell University Press website. Congratulations, Benjy!

I’m so board with the MSA

Hands up who else needs a drink after this week? Stephen Ross writes to remind everyone that the Modernist Studies Association will be holding their board drinks downstairs at the hotel bar on the 17th of November at 08:30. Election talk is strictly forbidden.

Read the full program here.

Make it New (Work in Modernist Studies)

In case you’ve not heard us banging on, this year’s New Work in Modernist Studies will be held at Queen Mary, University of London on December 10. Registration is open now.

Please do encourage your postgraduates to attend!

From avant-garde to architecture

Professor Tyrus Miller will speak on the couple interactions of historic avant-gardes with the symbolic idea, theory and practice of modern architecture next Monday at Senate House.

Check out the event details here – it’s free, but you need to register.

See you all next Monday!

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