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Programme: New Work in Modernist Studies, 10 December 2016


We are pleased to publish the programme for New Work in Modernist Studies, Saturday 10 December 2016, 10am-6:30pm, hosted at ArtsOne Building, Queen Mary University of London.

10:00-10:30 Registration and Coffee

10:30-11:45 Panels

1. Unfinished Work: Drafts, Archives, Paratexts

Chair: Sophie Oliver

Chloe Oram (Chichester), ‘Ottoline in the Archives: Shedding Light on Modernism’s Undervalued Muse and Patron’

Katie Jones (Nottingham), ‘Author, Reviewer and Translator: Katherine Mansfield’s Place in Literary Culture’

David Miller (Birkbeck), ‘Redrafting, Maintenance and Temporality in the Late Poetry of Djuna Barnes’

Ruth Clemens (Leeds Trinity), ‘The “Feeble Translations” of The Waste Land ’s Paratexts’

2. Moderns and Unmoderns

Chair: Helen Carr

Mick Sheldon (QMUL), ‘Discarded Imagist: The Life, Work, and Reputation of Allen Upward’

Hannah Scragg (Keele), ‘Socio-political engagement and formal experimentation: Bennett, the Great War, and the General Strike’

Rosemary Walters (Kent), ‘Charles Causley: Moderation, Movement and Modernism’

Alex Grafen (UCL), ‘The Whitechapel Boys and Little Magazines’

11:45-13:00 Panels

3. Knowledge, Self-Knowledge and Spectacle

Chair: Stephanie Boland

Seán Richardson (Nottingham Trent University), “I really don’t exist”: Queer (auto)biography and the fragmented self in Christopher Isherwood’s Goodbye To Berlin  (1939)

Katharina Boeckenhoff (Manchester), ‘Travelling Intimately with Barnes: Ways of Knowing in her New York Articles’

Ana Tomcic (Exeter), ‘Gods and Goods – Psychoanalysis, Evolution and the Cinema’

Adam Cuthbert (Dundee), ‘Cinematicity and the Spectacle of Memory in Modernist Fiction’.

4. European Connections

Chair: Scott McCracken

Abigail Richards (RHUL), ‘The Marvellous in Leonora Carrington’s and Gisèle Prassinos’s writings’

Eirini Apanomeritaki (Essex), ‘Insect transformations in the short fiction of Franz Kafka and Vladimir Nabokov; an exploration of human-animal subjectivity’

Frances Reading (Kent), ‘Olive Garnett and Anglo-Russian Cultural Relations from the Crimean War to the Russian Revolutions’

Natalia Ciofu (Essex), ‘Hybrid Modernism in Ciuleandra  by Liviu Rebreanu’

13:00-14:00 Lunch and BAMS AGM

14:00-15:15 Panels

5. Bodies, Affect, Aging

Chair: Helen Saunders

Imola Nagy-Seres (Exeter), ‘”[A]nd there is a sort of peace”: moments of delight in D. H. Lawrence’s Women in Love ‘

Eret Talviste (Northumbria), ‘Affect and its relation to ethics, aesthetics and politics in modernist fiction’

Yasutaka Kabuto (RHUL), ‘Aesthetics of Reduction: Falling Fertility and Aging Society in Virginia Woolf’s Novels’

Rosie Barron (Glasgow), ‘Embodied Travelling: Samuel Beckett and the Incarnation of Motion’

6. Intermedial Modernism

Chair: Morag Shiach

Sue Ash (Oxford Brookes), ‘Kinaesthetic Empathy in Isadora Duncan’s dance and in artists’ responses to her dance’

Charlotte Whalen (QMUL), ‘”Anglo-Mongrels and the Rogue”: Mina Loy’s decorative modernism’

Lara Ehrenfried (Durham), ‘Early Sound Film and the Late Modernist Novel: Patrick Hamilton’s Hangover Square  (1941)’

Christopher Gerrard (Dundee), ‘Méliès to Man Ray: The Cinema of Attraction as Precursor to the Cinema of the Avant Garde’

15:15-15:30 Coffee

15:30-16:30 Panels

7. Mathematical Modernism

Chair: Tim Armstrong

Daniel Cartwright (Westminster), ‘The Oulipo and Mathematical Form in Literary Composition’

Zoe Gosling (Manchester), ‘Modernism and Mathematics’

Catriona Livingstone (KCL), ‘Eye-Beams and Interference Patterns: Quantum Physical Experiments in Virginia Woolf’s The Waves ‘

8. The Politics of Fiction / the 1930s

Chair: David Ayers

Chris Doyle (Sheffield Hallam), ‘Literary Criticism and Genre Fiction in the 1930s: The Left Review  Perspective’

Amy Olivia Hurle (Queen’s University, Belfast), ‘Woolf and the Middle-Brow’

Teresa Sanders, ‘Alternative Forums, Subversive Identities: Education and Pedagogy in the Works of Sylvia Townsend Warner, 1926-1954.’

16:30-17:30 Keynote

Sascha Bru (MDRN, University of Leuven), ‘Are we Modernists Yet? Avant-Garde,

Temporality, History’

17:30-18:30 Reception