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Registration open for PG and ECR training day

Registration is now open for the BAMS Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Training Day: Career/Administration. Reserve your place at the RHUL online shop:
(£5 for BAMS members and £10 for non-members).

Wed. 28 March 2018, 10.00am (first session at 10.30am) – 5.10pm.
Location:  Room 104, Senate House, London WC1 7HU (central London)

The ninth annual BAMS training day this year will focus on career administration and university administration in the early career (especially as it impacts on the expectations of job applicants and ECRs). The focus will be on practical advice, but the day will also allow candidates to focus on the profession as it is currently developing, and to reflect on their own skills, and indeed on how they might be put to use outside academia. While the day is organized by BAMS, its general focus means that students working in other areas should find it equally valuable, students in the TECHNE consortium are especially encouraged to attend. You can find the full programme here.

The training day is hosted by the Department of English at Royal Holloway and the TECHNE consortium and will be led by members of the BAMS executive as well as TECHNE staff.