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‘out of the air’: Women, Creativity and Intelligence Work, Bletchley Park, 8 March 2019

‘out of the air’: Women, Creativity and Intelligence Work | Bletchley Park | Friday 8 March 2019

This one-day symposium will bring together writers, artists, scholars and technologists to explore the role of women in surveillance, transcription, cryptography, espionage, translation, observation, visualisation and recording. It will consider how this work influenced and inspired creativity following World War II, in art, science, and literature, and how it continues to place pressure on emerging technologically-enhanced means of expression and creative practices. What new modes of seeing, speaking, reading or writing have arisen?  How have women creatives challenged and been challenged by this?

The day’s speakers and panellists will include Dr Khanta Dihal (Cambridge), Dr Natalie Ferris (Edinburgh), Dr Adam Guy (Oxford), Dr Julia Jordan (UCL), Dr James Purdon (St Andrews), Dr Sophie Seita (Cambridge), the artist Nye Thompson, the writer Joanna Walsh and a keynote lecture from Professor Laura Salisbury (Exeter).

Hosted by Bletchley Park in collaboration with the school of Literatures, Languages and Cultures, University of Edinburgh, the Leverhulme Trust, and Kellogg College, University of Oxford.

The Mansion, Bletchley Park
10am – 5.30pm
Followed by readings and wine reception.