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CfP Connections: Exploring Heritage, Architecture, Cities, Art, Media Conference: 29-30 June, 2020, University of Kent

CONFERENCE: 29-30 JUNE, 2020


This event welcomes delegates in architecture, urban planning, history, art and design, digital and representational studies

Present in-person, pre-recorded films, skype, written papers.

Themes: architectural theory, urban planning, smart cities, digital design, history and heritage, digital arts and the city

Today the digital is ubiquitous across all disciplines connected with the physical environment in which we live. In architecture, computational design uses algorithms to replicate biology. Coding produces self-generated architectural form. Information modeling presents planners with interactive design in real time. The city is seen as ‘smart’.

In addition to informing design today however, the digital age also informs how we understand the past. State-of-the-art equipment for geophysics, laser scanning, and compositional analysis are now key tools for archeologists. Data mapping is used by historians and digital technologies of all forms allow filmmakers, animators and photographers to record the past and the present in new ways.

As the tools we use to create the future and explore or preserve the past merge and blur, this conferences asks educators and professionals from deign, heritage and digital disciplines to compare their ways of working and critique contemporary practices from a cross-disciplinary perspective.

Highlight Notice 1:
This event is part of the conference and book series ‘Mediated Cities’. Previous events in London, Los Angeles, Bristol, Istanbul. Four books in the Intellect Book series “Mediated Cities”. Book five will come from this event.

Highlight Notice 2:
In addition to a book as part of the Intellect “Mediated Cities” series, delegates submitting papers related to teaching and learning will be considered for Routledge book series: “Focus on Design Pedagogy”.

Organisers: University of Kent, UK | Intellect Books | Routledge | AMPS | PARADE