BAMS Conference Past Events

Aesthetics of Global Modernism conference programme (Mon 12 July)

The Aesthetics of Global Modernism

12th July 2021

A one-day online event by the Modernist Studies in Asia network (MSIA) and the British Association of Modernist Studies (BAMS).


Udith Dematagoda, Assistant Professor, Waseda University, Tokyo (BAMS)

Nan Zhang, Associate Professor, Fudan University, Shanghai (MSIA)

Kevin Riordan, Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (MSIA)

Opening Remarks – 18:20 Tokyo / 10:20 London / 5:20 New York


Panel 1 – 18:40 Tokyo / 10:40 London / 5:40 New York (Chair: Udith Dematagoda)

Mohit Abrol (PhD Candidate, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi) —

 “Eliot’s Anti-Fascist Agenda, Anglo-Catholicism, and the Bergsonian Impulse” 

Asa Chen Zhang (PhD Candidate, University of Michigan) —

“Possession and (In)Visibility: Articulating Michio Itō’s Performing Body in W. B. Yeats’s At the Hawk’s Well and Beyond” 

Geraldine Suter (Lecturer, Bridgewater College) —

 “Marxist Aesthetics in Alfred Döblin’s Dramas” 

Panel 2 – 18:40 Tokyo / 10:40 London / 5:40 New York (Chair: Adam Guy)

Simona Amăriuței (PhD candidate, University of Manchester) —

“Andrei Bely and Cubism” 

Gaultier Roux (Lecturer, Fudan University) —

“Baudelaire Misinterpreted: Thwarted Modernity: A Theoretical Rereading” 

 Yuxin Zhang (PhD Candidate, University of Sydney) —

“Beyond Ideographic Poetics: Sound, Writing, and the Chinese Texts in Ezra Pounds Later Cantos”


Panel 3 – 20:20 Tokyo / 12:20 London / 7:20 New York (Chair: Kevin Riordan)

Desmond Harding (Professor, Central Michigan University) —

 “Yokomitsu Riichi’s Urban Aesthetics” 

Andrew Houwen (Associate Professor, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University) —

 “‘Tokio Takes Over, Where Paris Stopped’: Kitasono Katué’s VOU and Global Modernism”  

Sophia Sherry (PhD Candidate, University of Chicago) —

“Self, Genre, Ukigumo: Hayashi Fumiko’s Japanese Modernism in Global Space and Time” 

Panel 4 – 20:20 Tokyo / 12:20 London / 7:20 New York (Chair:Nan Zhang)

Gavin Herbertson (PhD Candidate, Oxford University) —

“Derek Walcott, T. S. Eliot, and the Role of Allusion in Epitaph for the Young

Usha Kishore (PhD Candidate, Edinburgh Napier University) —

“Alter-nation of Modernism: The Metropolitan Sensibility of Kamala Das”

Serena Wong (PhD Candidate, University of Glasgow) —

“Ornamental Modernism: The Decorative Aesthetics of Virginia Woolf and Ling Shuhua” 


Panel 5 – 22:00 Tokyo / 14:00 London / 9:00 New York (Chair: Udith Dematagoda)

Maurizia Boscagli (Professor, UC Santa Barbara) — 

“Alter Modernism: Eileen Gray’s Queer Orientalism” 

Arka Chattopadhyay (Assistant Professor, IIT Gandhinagar) —

“Bengali Modernisms: Political Aesthetics of Avant-Garde World Form” 

Adam Guy (Lecturer, Oxford University), —

“C. L. R. James as Theorist of Modernism: Existentialist Doctrines” 

Closing Remarks – 23:20 Tokyo / 15:20 London / 10:20 New York