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CfP: Modernisms revisited, 1922-2022 (deadline 28 Feb 2022)


Cadernos de Literatura Comparada, no. 46 (June 2022)

Modernisms Revisited II: 1922-2022

In 2022, we will celebrate the centenary of the Modern Art Week, consensually hailed as a landmark in Brazilian art and literature and as the event that gave rise to Modernism in Brazil. As Alfredo Bosi has noted, the Week was “the meeting point of the various trends that had been taking hold in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro since the First World War and the platform that allowed the consolidation of particular groups”, which, in the following years, would significantly change the direction of the country’s intellectual production.

However, even though the debate around national identity is an essential part of the period, it should not be ignored that Modernism, as a movement of artistic renewal from the first twenty years of the last century, has, in Brazil and in the world, characteristics that predate the Week and cut through it, undergoing new transformations in its wake. Thus, there is still a need to reflect on the beginnings of Brazilian Modernism in light of its relationship, for example, with the European vanguards, or even with other defining events of Modernism, which took place around the same year as the Week.

1922 is, after all, celebrated in the Anglo-American space as the annus mirabilis of Modernist literature, so named for bringing together the publication of three of the most important works in the English language of the last century: The Waste Land, by T.S. Eliot; Jacob’s Room, by Virginia Woolf; and Ulysses, by James Joyce, which was published in the same month as the Modern Art Week. In 1924, in France, Yvan Goll and André Breton each published their own Manifeste du Surréalisme, a few months after Oswald de Andrade launched, in Rio de Janeiro, the Manifesto da Poesia Pau-Brasil. In short, as a world movement, there is still a vast field of Modernism to be explored, which can greatly benefit from a comparative perspective.

Thus, this issue invites researchers from diverse areas to submit articles that address the Modernisms of different countries, emphasizing their particularities and their points of contact. Although this issue of the Cadernos de Literatura Comparada celebrates the centenary of the Modern Art Week, we also intend to bring together texts aimed at the comparative study of the most diverse Modernisms, as well as approaches that emphasize their interartistic, intermedial and interdisciplinary character. In this sense, the journal will feature articles that focus on topics like (but not exclusively) the following:

Brazilian Modernism and European Vanguards;
Other compared modernisms;
The Spirit of 22 and its place in the contemporary era;
Modernism and Intermediality: literature, music, painting, cinema, etc;
Genders and sexualities in Modernism(s);
Modernist Manifestos and Literary Magazines.

All articles must be sent, by e-mail, to by February 28, 2022. Submitted articles must comply with the publication rules of the Cadernos de Literatura Comparada available at:

We will consider previously unpublished essays written in the following languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

Issue 46 of the Cadernos is organized by:
Joana Matos Frias (ILCML – FLUL)
João Paulo Guimarães (ILCML – FLUP)
Ivana Schneider (ILCML – FLUP)
Daniel Floquet (ILCML – FLUP)