CFP: Hart Crane Panels at ALA 2014

Hart Crane Panels at ALA 2014

ALA 2014 will be an inaugural year for the formation of the Hart Crane Society, and there will be two panels and an organizing meeting to mark the occasion.

Panel 1: Hart Crane: Inheritance and Influence

Even as Crane can seem a marginal presence among his peers—a poet of epic ambition in an era of self-conscious fragmentation, a romantic alongside the modernists, a queer voice alongside a more conservative criticism—he is also a poet who deliberately aligned himself with past literary traditions and poets, and a poet who has, in turn, been an important influence on subsequent poets and artists. This panel seeks proposals from critics and poets whose work engages any aspect of Crane’s inheritance or influence. Please send 250-word proposals by January 20 to

Panel 2: New Directions in Hart Crane Scholarship

Chaired by Langdon Hammer—editor, reviewer, and author of numerous books and essays that engage Hart Crane along with a range of modern and contemporary poets—this panel / roundtable seeks proposals addressing any aspect of Crane’s life and work. Preference will be given to proposals charting out new directions in Crane scholarship. Possible topics include reevaluations of Crane’s work in relation to sexuality, race, popular culture, form and (new) formalism, or the transnational; reconsiderations of Crane alongside his modernist peers; and reflections on Crane’s critical reception and possible critical futures. Please send 250-word proposals by January 20 to