2 AHRC funded PhD studentships attached to the Dorothy Richardson Editions Project





2 AHRC funded PhD Studentships

The Dorothy Richardson Editions Project

The Richardson Editions Project (REP) is an AHRC funded project to produce scholarly editions of  3 volumes the collected letters and 7 volumes of the collected fiction of the pioneering modernist writer, Dorothy Richardson, including her long thirteen volume novel, Pilgrimage. The volumes will be published by OUP. The REP is a cross institutional project based at Keele University, Birkbeck College, London, University of Birmingham, and University of Oxford. The PI is Scott McCracken (Keele) and the Co-investigators are Deborah Longworth (Birmingham), Laura Marcus (Oxford), and Joanne Winning (Birkbeck). Two AHRC funded PhDs are attached to the project, one at Birkbeck College and one at University of Birmingham.

PhD studentship 1: Dorothy Richardson’s Correspondence and Modernist Networks

Supervisor: Joanne Winning, j.winning@bbk.ac.uk

Department: English and Humanities

Institution: Birkbeck College

Modernism can be characterised, uniquely amongst periods and fields of literary and artistic production, as a set of radical aesthetic movements structured around a material network of practitioners, facilitators and patrons. While scholars have demonstrated how such networks enabled women to participate in literary production, the networks themselves have yet to be fully theorised. This PhD project seeks to map and theorise the question of gender in relation to modernist networks through the case study of Dorothy Richardson, who despite significant modernist production comparable to other major figures in the field of modernism, such as James Joyce, Marcel Proust, Katherine Mansfield, has remained a marginalised figure. However, as Richardson’s letters and fiction demonstrate, her lines of connection within the modernist network were manifold and diverse. This PhD project will aim to rethink such connections in relation to both an understanding of female patronage and editorial control in the modernist field and through models of networks of female friendship and support.

PhD studentship 2: A Genetic Study of Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage

Supervisor: Deborah Longworth, d.l.longworth@bham.ac.uk

Department: English

Institution: University of Birmingham

This doctoral project in genetic criticism will use Dorothy Richardson’s letters, notes, manuscripts, typescripts, and editions to ask key questions about the writing process that resulted in the various editions of her long novel Pilgrimage. The PhD will go beyond the importance of the correspondence as just a biographical resource to use the letters as key documents for understanding the historical and material circumstances of the process of composition of Richardson’s fiction. A genetic approach is particularly appropriate to Pilgrimage, which consists of thirteen volumes and was forty years in the making. Not only was it unfinished at her death, but it was arguably inherently unfinishable, resisting narrative closure. With its emphasis on the writing process, genetic criticism opens up for study Pilgrimage’s unusually long and overlapping period of composition and publication. The doctoral project will examine the writing process in relation to the changing circumstances and historical events across which the text and its constituent books were produced, paying attention to the shifts in form and structure that occur across the different Chapters and editions. A genetic approach also promises to illuminate Richardson’s practice of interweaving art and life in Pilgrimage, and the ways in which she drew upon but also concealed her own autobiography for its composition. It will make an important contribution to the study of how we might reconstruct Richardson’s writing process.

Duration and Eligibility

The studentships will begin in September 2014 and are for 3 years duration.

We are looking for outstanding candidates. Applicants should have a strong honours degree and a Master’s in English.

The studentship funding for 3 years is as follows:

Fee waiver: ;at UK/EU levels £3,900

Stipend of £13,726 per annum; with London weighting £15,726

The closing date for applications is 21 February 2014.

Applicants are strongly advised to discuss their interests with the PI of the REP, Scott McCracken and/or their prospective supervisor.

Please liaise with Scott McCracken for advice on the project: s.mccracken@keele.ac.uk

Or contact the supervisors

Joanne Winning: j.winning@bbk.ac.uk

Deborah Longworth: d.l.longworth@bham.ac.uk

Full details and application procedures can be found here.

Full details of the REP can be found at