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Upcoming CFPs and information

Calls for Papers –

Literature and the BBC, 1922 to 1955, University of Edinburgh, 15th June 2016 –

This one-day conference explores the relationship between BBC broadcasting and literature, aiming to further explore the manifold interrelations between twentieth-century literature and the Corporation.

See the attached Word document for further details, deadline for submissions is 14th March 2016.

International Conference on Elizabeth Bowen, Warsaw, Poland, 5th July 2016 –

Elizabeth Bowen occupies a special place among twentieth-century writers. A superb novelist and a master of the short story, she is known for her exquisite style and unconventional narrative technique. This conference seeks to explore her work, as well as the work of other writers, artists, film-makers, or scholars inspired by Bowen’s life and writing.

See the attached Word document for further details, deadline for submissions is 20th March 2016.

New Middlebrow Publication –

Sally Faulkner’s new book, Middlebrow Cinema, will be released in April through Routledge. By analysing cinema, it challenges an often uninterrogated hostility to middlebrow culture that frequently dismisses it as conservative, which it often is not, and feminized or middle-class, which it often is. The volume defines the term relationally against shifting concepts of ‘high’ and ‘low’, and considers its deployment in connection with text, audience and institution.

Further details about the book can be found here:

Reading Sheffield –

Reading Sheffield, which, you will no doubt remember, was the recipient of an award from the Aviva Community Fund, has a new website as well as a new blog. Reading Sheffield has made available a unique and newly created resource for research into everyday reading and the history of literary taste in the twentieth century.

See the attached Word document for further details and visit the website here:

Spying from a Gendered Position Call for Articles