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Event: Flying Through the 30s

Flying through the ’30s

a one-day symposium on air travel and interwar Britain

16 April 2016
The Aerodrome Hotel, Croydon Airport
In his seminal British Writers of the Thirties, Valentine Cunningham notes the ‘airmindedness’ of the decade; this one-day symposium aims at exploring the role held by flying in interwar Britain—actual, textual, material, cultural. Held at Croydon Airport, a key site for aviation in interwar Britain, the conference will explore the texts and contexts that help to examine the impact of air travel on art, literature, film, space, perception and production.
Including papers on W. H. Auden, Elizabeth Bowen, George Orwell, Virginia Woolf, Rex Warner, David Garnett, Amelia Earhart, Amy Johnson, Paul Nash, Victor Canning, Louis Lumière, Amateur Film, and Documentary.
To register:  (Search terms: Flying through the ’30s)
£35 Standard
£30 Speakers
£25 Students
Registration fee includes three-course lunch, coffee and tea breaks, and tour of the Croydon Airport and Museum.
For full programme:
Dr Michael McCluskey (UCL)
Dr Luke Seaber (UCL)
Dr Amara Thornton (UCL)
Dr Debbie Challis (Croydon Airport Society)