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BAMS Elections 2021, running 22/1-28/2/2021

This year, the BAMS Executive Steering Committee is looking to fill three vacant academic positions and two PG Representative positions. At the close of the application period, we received three academic applications, and five PG Representative applications, all of which included nominations from existing BAMS members. Click to download a pdf containing the names, bios and statements:

The election to fill these positions will run from 22 January to 28 February. On 22 January, members will receive a link from the BAMS membership team through Election Buddy (please check your spam folders for this link if you don’t receive it on 22 January). This link will allow you to register your votes for the election. The results of the election will be posted on the BAMS website and on BAMS social media after the election closes. If you have any questions about the election, please get in touch with Dan Moore (

If you join the society during the election, you will be able to vote in it. Membership information is here:

Academic applications: Because we have 3 applications to fill 3 vacancies, we are posting these applications and confirming that, unless the committee receives an objection to an application, all 3 will be elected unopposed on 28 February 2021, for a 3 year term on the committee. The candidates are:

Dr Barbara Cooke (Loughborough University)

Dr Udith Dematagoda (Waseda University, Tokyo)

Dr Rob Hawkes (Teesside University)

Postgraduate Applications: Members will elect two from the five candidates listed below, all of whom are PhD candidates at the named institutions:

Gill Beagent (University of Chester)

Emily Bell (University of Antwerp)

Jennifer Cameron (University of Hertfordshire)

Domonique Davies (University of Reading)

Elena Zolotariof (Institute of English Studies, University of London)

Here’s the link to the statements again: