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Shattered Objects: Djuna Barnes’s Modernism

Shattered Objects: Djuna Barnes’s Modernism is now out with Pennsylvania State University Press as part of their Refiguring Modernism Series. The book responds to expansions of canons and critical questions that have shaped modernist studies since the late twentieth century, and it brings new thinking to Barnes’s full oeuvre and to the study of modernism. It is the first collection of critical essays on Djuna Barnes since 1993. In addition to the editors, the contributors are Daniela Caselli, Bruce Gardiner, Melissa Hardie, Tyrus Miller, Drew Milne, Rachel Potter, Julie Taylor, and Joanne Winning, and Peter Nicholls has contributed an afterword.

Barnes wrote in a letter, “there is always more surface to a shattered object than a whole object”: the surfaces of Barnes’s literary and art objects are reflected in myriad ways in the chapters here. Essays consider Barnes’s work in relation to mass media; the promotion, publication, and reception of modernism; modernists as critics; wit; authorship, legitimacy, and genealogy; anachronism; late style; the reception of metaphysical poetry; the queer grotesque; the representation of humans, outcasts, animals, and selves; sovereignty; borders of nation and language; the book as object in film remediations; the affects involved in reading and criticism; and structures of queer community. The introduction surveys the relationship between Barnes criticism and criticism of modernist writing from the early twentieth century to the present, and the afterword reads Barnes’s style against Eliot’s modernism. Shattered Objects introduces a Barnes who is full of possibility for current and future work in the literary critical discourses of the twenty-first century.

You can find Shattered Objects on the Penn State University Press web site at:
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Stevie Smith Conference Bursaries

‘We All Have These Thoughts Sometimes’: A conference on Stevie Smith
11 March 2016
Jesus College, Oxford
We are delighted to announce that, thanks to the generous support of the Oxford English Faculty, seven small bursaries are now available for postgraduate and early-career researchers. Each bursary is equivalent to the registration fee for an unsalaried delegate (£30). They are aimed at attendees who have not secured funding to attend the conference from their institutions or from external sources.
To apply for a bursary, please email by 14th February 2016, explaining in less than 300 words why you want to attend the conference, and (if relevant) how attendance will contribute to your academic career. Applicants are reminded that it is not necessary to use the full 300 words available.
Delegates who have already registered for the conference, and believe they are eligible, are welcome to apply.
All best,
Noreen Masud, DPhil candidate
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Modernism, Periodicals, and Cultural Poetics addresses how late modernist poetry in Britain tended toward a culturalist expression and importantly how this occurred within the pages of literary periodicals. ‘Periodical formations’ describe networks of exchange within and between different literary periodicals that condition the types of poetry published and the kinds of poetic discourse that come to predominate. A re-emphasis on periodical production following the publication of Eliot’s The Waste Land and culminating with the pre-Movement magazines of the 1940’s illustrates a complex and diverse series of debates and negotiations about not only the tradition of English poetry and its role in contemporaneous form, but also how poetry of the period related to the avant-garde trends prominent on the European continent and in America. By focusing on periodical formations, the development of what are now accepted understandings of the period can be better addressed, and certain lasting assumptions can be demythologized.


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